Preparing for Surgery

In line with International standards and before Mr Thomas will consider performing Gender Reassignment Surgery on any Transsexual patient he will first need to see two letters of endorsement from appropriately qualified psychologists, confirming that in their professional opinion, life altering Gender Reassignment Surgery is likely to be in a patients best interest. This strict criteria to assess emotional & psychological needs, is strictly adhered to for every potential patients own protection, as once Male to Female Gender Reassignment Surgery is performed, this procedure is totally irreversible.

Usually Psychologists will only agree that Gender Reassignment Surgery is the right path after patients have proven a constant desire to live as a female for at least 2 years and can demonstrate their ability to live as a female for at least 1 year before considering Reassignment Surgery. 

Patients who are significantly overweight will be advised to loose weight before applying for surgery because obese patients are not good candidates for any surgery and will have a higher risk of developing complications related to Deep Vein Thrombosis, infection and poor wound healing. Smokers will also be advised to quit smoking well before surgery, as smoking reduces the potential of the healing process and raises the risk of a post-operative infection.

Candidates who are receiving Oestrogen based hormone replacement medication will be asked to stop their medication 6 weeks prior to surgery and to avoid aspirin and anti inflammatory medicines, such as Ibobrufen in order to reduce their risk of bleeding post-operatively.    

Given that these important milestones are established and that Gender Reassignment Surgery is mutually agreed, you will be admitted into hospital the day before surgery to undergo a pre-operative preparations, that will include a rigorous bowel cleansing regime, blood tests and a full anaesthetic assessment.